• Ascent

    Designed for the guys counting ounces in their pack, the Ascent is the only blade you'll need in the back country. Perfect for backpack hunters cutting up an elk miles deep, or for thru hikers trekking across the PCT. Boasting all the strength from a fixed blade but at the weight of a folder, you'll forget you have this blade in your pack until you need it
  • Logo Hat

    SnapBack truckers hat with the JF Blades logo embroidered on the front. One size fits all.
  • If you are a big game hunter this is the model for you. When in the field, simple, functional and effective is the name of the game, and the Hybrid Hunter lives up to all of that. From camp chores to quartering up your trophy, this blade is meant for the back country.
  • Hybrid 2.0

    One of the most popular models in the lineup, the Hybrid 2.0 is an all-around great size and design for hikers, hunters, backpackers and every day carry. It’s design makes it a very nimble feeling blade in a multitude of grips and has a wide sweeping blade great for just about any task.
  • Rambler

    Designed to be a compact and light-weight every day carry blade, while still being able to tackle heavy tasks, the Rambler is a great little option. It’s the perfect size for carrying on your belt every day, processing fish and small game, or just every day utility use. If you like to stay as light-weight and compact as possible without sacrificing strength, this is it.
  • Designed in conjunction with and named after a local weapons instructor, the PCC is a great backup protection blade. The shape of the blade and the handle together lock your hand into place making it very secure for combat or just simple cutting tasks. Easily carried on your belt every day by being small in size, the PCC will be there when you need it most.


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